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Alter Ego

Our Story

In 2018, three brothers set out to create the best running hats on earth; pulling together functionality with style and performance.

All three of us are ultra runners and we wanted products that could last throughout a 100-mile run and still look good wearing around town while not running.

Our Mission

At Alter Ego Running, we believe that running is more than just a physical activity. It's a way to tap into your inner self and connect with your thoughts, emotions, and surroundings. That's why we celebrate your flip side, the side of you that comes to life when it's just you, your thoughts, and your running shoes.

Our products are designed to enhance your running experience and bring balance to your daily routine. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned runner, our range of running hats, visors, and headbands will help you stay comfortable, focused, and stylish during your runs.

So whether you're heading out for a quick jog, training for a marathon, or cruising around town, we've got you covered.


Our Founders

Paul, Stephen, and Matt are the founders of Alter Ego Running. Growing up in a military family, the strong bond that the Izzo brothers shared helped get them through dozens of long-distance moves throughout the country.

Now, that bond still helps them get through long distance moves…only this time on foot. Having now run 33 ultra races together with a total of 4,000+ miles and counting, the Izzo brothers demonstrate the ability to overcome and persevere through unthinkable challenges together.

They look to be an inspiration and example in the running community of the power of shared goals.

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