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When his son passed away, this man vowed to run the NYC Marathon every year; An interview with Jorge Euran

Instagram Handle: @jorgeeuran

Day Job: I am an entrepreneur. I own a few companies and brands. The main one is Alveni (, we specialize in digital signage and interactive kiosk solutions.

BELIEVE&TRAIN (Sport meal hangers) 

KimakArt ( dedicated to promote Mexican premium handcrafted products.

I also have a non-profit in Mexico that promotes running, healthy habits among kids (Meta 42).

Here’s a blog post that I hope you read, about my best marathon :)


AER: What got you into running?

JORGE: Well, when I was studying my MBA in 2001-2002, part of the program involved having a trainer so we could exercise and he put everyone to run almost daily. I really hated it, I got bored and I couldn’t pace myself for even half a mile. But then I began liking it, it became an activity to relieve stress, to talk to our professors while running, to listen to music… so it was a perfect time for me to relax, think about stuff & in general, enjoy the outdoors. From there, I got myself in many 10K races, I think I have ran like 40-50 so far.

In 2008 my second son passed away and by trying to find a reason for it, I believe his goal in this world was to teach me something. And this is:  Every minute that you are in this world is unique, amazing and valuable. So if I am here now, I have to make the best of it.  Because I might not wake up tomorrow.

I had always wanted to run a marathon but I thought it was too hard for me.  So at that moment, I realized I needed to do it, for me, for my son… and to live to the fullest, enjoying every second of life.  I was in NYC at the time during the marathon, so I promised to run it in 2009 and every year until I die. So far, I have kept my promise and I intend to do it this year here in Austin, virtually!

AER: If you had to give yourself a life motto you live by, what would it be?

JORGE: Never give up!

AER: Do you think your kids have learned from watching you train for marathons?

JORGE: Yeah, I believe it teaches them a lot:

  1. a) That nothing is impossible if you try hard enough
  2. b) That to reach your goals, you have to constantly work towards the goal, and it will not come easily, but if you really want it, you will get it.
  3. c) That a long term goal can be divided into smaller goals. I believe that kids in general just want instant rewards and it’s hard for them to imagine that they will have to CONSTANTLY train for months for a marathon or study weeks for a test, or work months to finish a project.   But at the end, the reward is worth all the effort.

My kids run too. They have run 5ks, 10ks and they love it.

AER: Favorite race distance and why?

JORGE: The Marathon is my most special race because of my son that passed away, I began running marathons (specifically the NYC marathon). A marathon involves a lot of commitment, persistence and it shows me that nothing is impossible if you try hard enough. And this is the lesson I remind my kids each time I run a marathon.

The Half marathon is my favorite to run consistently, it’s a great distance to enjoy the race and it doesn't involve long & hard training like a full marathon.

AER: Do you find balance through running? If so, how?

JORGE: Yes, life is about balance. I truly believe in living a positive life and being healthy. Running or practicing any sport should be an essential part of everyone’s life.  Running helps to maintain a healthy body, and a healthy mind since running allows a person to spend valuable time with himself. 

AER: Dream race or dream goal?

JORGE: I would love to do all the World Majors. So far I only have 2: Chicago and NYC. But my dream race would be to run NYC marathon with my two kids when they are older.  This would be amazing!

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