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Mother of 4, Pilot in Training, and Ultra Runner; An Interview with Spring Vick (@_springruns_)

Instagram Handle: @_springruns_


AER: How long have you been running? 

SPRING: My first race was a marathon in 2003. I started running because I was applying to the police academy. I was told I needed to run three miles every other day. When I went out for my first run, it was six miles and it felt easy. After that, my friend’s husband was a Navy Seal who was being deployed, he gave me his bib for the Rock and Roll Marathon San Diego. I followed the Hal Higdon marathon training program to a tee. The race went well, and I was hooked! I’ve been running ever since. 

AER: I literally get tired from just checking out your Instagram for just a few minutes... you're always on the move! Where do you find so much energy to take on all your endeavors? (i.e. kids, pilot, ultras, etc!) 

SPRING: I have always been hyper, literally always. Even in high school, I volunteered at a hospital, had two jobs, ASB, and cheer. I think it’s just in my genes but I also won’t give up until I meet my goal. I just can’t. Also, I am sponsored by a supplement company for my ultra’s. I now help with their social media & manage their ambassadors, but the supplement that I have been taking for the past four years helps me greatly with energy, endurance, and recovery. 

AER: When did you run your first ultra? 

SPRING: I ran my first ultra five years ago. I had gotten to the point where running a marathon was not a challenge. So, I tried a 50k and LOVED it, after that a 50 miler, 100k, and then a 100 miler. They just seemed like a natural progression. 100 milers are my favorite distance. 

AER: Favorite ultra you've run? Toughest?

SPRING: Toughest HANDS down was the Western States four years ago, which I DNF’d. I was simply not prepared, I did not meet a cut-off. It was one of the most challenging years on record. Climbing with the snow, ice, mud, gushing water it was something I had never experienced. I stuck with a group of runners since a lot of the course markings were missing from the ice. I remember it was easier to slide down the ice on our butt’s than try to run down. The hardest race I have finished was the San Diego 100. I feel like ultra running is a total head game. 30% fitness 70% mind game.  

AER: Tell us something that the running community doesn't know about you through Instagram?

SPRING: People often ask me for nutrition advice because of my high mileage and I am not the healthiest eater, of course, I am not a horrible eater but with four kids, and a busy schedule I tend to eat their leftovers. I follow no specific plan at all. Even during races. I drink when I am thirsty, try to front-load my calories because I know I hate eating late in the game. 

I'm also a pilot and recently received my instrument rating and working toward my commercial pilot rating with hopes of becoming a professional pilot. I'm driven to further my education and I plan to attend law school after I complete my pilot ratings.

AER: Do you have a dream race? 

SPRING: Of course! I would love to go back to the Western States and finish what I started. 

AER: Do you find balance through running?

SPRING: 100%. I run because I love it and for stress relief. Some people need a cup of coffee to help them through the day, I need to run to help bring balance in my busy life being a single mom with a full-time job, raising four kids, completing my pilot training, and volunteering with my local chapter of 99's (Women in aviation). But yes, I need coffee too!  My morning run is my daily reset. I don't focus on speed or timing my runs other than during a race because my time during those long runs is meditative.

AER: Favorite Alter Ego Running product? 

SPRING: I LOVE the Alter Ego Running hats. It fits great, protects my face from the sun, and saves me from having to brush my hair as I'm trying to get out the door! I was worried about my recent white one, but I literally can just wipe off the dirt or just throw it in the wash - they are such great quality and hold up well. I am SUPER excited about the green one I just ordered, it will be a replacement for my favorite PCT50 racing hat! 

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