2 Marathons, 7 Days Apart; An interview with Brit (@sophsmom1031)

Name: Brit

Instagram Handle: @sophsmom1031

Day Job: Clinical Data Informaticist 



AER: You just did something pretty awesome with back to back marathons. Which races did you do and how did this come about? 

BRIT: I ran the New York City Marathon and the Harrisburg Marathon, separated by seven days. In the months approaching NYC, I encountered a number of health related barriers. I was given the clear to run, but I still struggled a great deal through that first race. Afterwards, I felt myself really questioning whether or not I would be able to continue to run. Essentially- I was losing my confidence. I jumped at the offer to run the first leg of the Harrisburg Marathon with Athletes Serving Athletes. I thought- I’ll run the first leg and see how I feel. I was fully prepared for the worst. After the first leg, I opted to continue. At the second leg, I opted to continue. The third leg was a grueling and truly tested my mental strength. My calves were tight, but otherwise to my surprise I still felt good. At the start of the fourth leg, someone handed me 6 Chips Ahoy cookies which I stuffed in my sweatshirt pocket and to even my own dismay- I finished.


AER: Do you find balance through running? If so, how? 

BRIT: I don't believe I find balance through running, but I do find clarity. Being a mom, working full time, training for races- and the numerous other projects and things that I take on can sometimes leave my head spinning. Running is a time for me to really process my thoughts. 


AER: One of the first photos I remember seeing of you was of you giving your daughter a big hug at the end of a race. What do you hope to show your daughter through your running? 

BRIT: That's absolutely my favorite picture of my running career to date! As a mom, I often feel so guilty taking time away in order to pursue my own goals- but every time she waits for me at the finish line, every time she pretends to run marathons around our kitchen and every time she tells another child on the playground that they “can’t ever give up,” its clear that I’m making the right choice. She will know that she can dream big dreams, be persistent and make her own seat at any table she chooses. She will know that she is a force, she’s brave, intelligent and strong.


AER: Favorite race you have run so far? 

BRIT: I love any trail race I can get my hands on, especially the shorter distances like 10K trails. There's nothing quite as freeing as sprinting as fast as you can through the woods, through river crossings. It really feels like an adventure. 


AER: What is the biggest thing that you take from running into your everyday life? 

BRIT: Here’s what I know- you will never possess a greater strength then the ability to fully trust and believe in yourself. 


AER: Favorite Alter Ego product? 

BRIT: HATS. Holy. Moly. I am always in a hat, forwards, backwards, running, whatever- and these hats follow me everywhere. They are perfect for running races, boating on the water and/or just running my everyday errands.