Balancing Running and Parenting; An Interview with Matt Frye (@jmattfrye)

AER: You seem to always be running and on the go with your little ones (congrats on the second), do you have any tips for a parent looking to get active with their own young kids? Stroller recommendations?
Matt: Thank you very much and since early July I really do feel like I haven't stopped...or maybe it just seems that way because I'm sleeping less.  But it's all worth it!  Being in the classroom for over 14 years and coaching just as long, I've see that kids at some levels are products of their of their environments. If you want your kids to enjoy being outside then take them outside.  My kids can sit through hour plus runs because I started running with them at 3 months.  The older they get though, you need to bring food, tablets, whatever to keep them entertained. 
As far as strollers go, it depends on how much you plan on using it. They can get pricey but some of the higher end ones will last longer and survive the wear and tear. See it as an investment in time spent with your kids but also something to help with your training.I run with a Thule Urban Glide (single) and Urban Glide 2 (double).  I have put close to 2000 miles on my Urban Glide and well on my way with the Urban Glide 2.

AER: Do you find balance through running? If so, how?
Matt: The demands of coaching, especially during the season, teaching, parenting, and everything life can throw at you is enough to turn you into a robot, cause you to miss out, and become a creature of routine.  For me, running has brought me perspective. It breaks the cycle of what I do everyday, it gives my wife a break as brief as it may be, it creates moments with my two kids.  Not every run is a successful workout but its that balance it brings and the understanding of why I'm doing it.

AER: Did you run growing up or pick it up later in life?
Matt: I love this question. I grew up playing basketball and continued through college. After college, I didn't want to do the same workouts I had done since high school, so I picked up running with some inspiration from a coach I work with.  I was always a descent runner but never really considered running fun or competition.  Then 11 years ago it just stuck and now it really has become a lifestyle, and the lessons I've learned I pass onto my students and players.

AER: Favorite race?
Matt: Well I love running the Chevron Houston Marathon! The weather is always just about right, the fan support is amazing, and getting to run with so many familiar faces always gives an extra push.  This year will be my 7th time doing the full marathon.  But that being said, in 2017 I traveled to Vancouver for Lululemon's Seawheeze Half Marathon and just WOW.  The energy of that event over 3 days is something that all should experience.  It really captures the joyful side of running and personal achievement

AER: You have some pretty serious backwards half court shots. How did this start and how long do you spend getting those on video before making one (that's some serious skill - they are amazing to watch!)
Matt: So when I was playing college basketball, some of my teammates and I would always mess around doing different trick shots.  The one I struggled with the most was an underhand half court shot.  Fast forward about 10 years and I finally mastered the shot and so backwards then became the next project.  I really got on a hot streak end of last school year, I'm talking first take magic (the one on my twitter)...and maybe a 10th, but consistent. Now I'm having to get back into it again so I might stop myself after 15-20 misses.  Its gets tiring chasing balls all over the gym.

AER: Favorite Alter Ego product?
Matt: Hats, Hats, and more Hats!! I love the colors and fits of them but really what I love the most is the individual message and story behind each one.  It really is one of the main things that makes it so easy to support the company. I will say though that I am super excited about the new singlets and am looking forward to sporting one during the Houston Marathon this year.