Pairing Strength Training and Running; An Interview with Lauren Di Lisa (@healthyhappymama_lauren)

Your strength routines seem endless and you have a ton of different exercises... Where do you come up with all these?

- My strength training routines come from all over. Lately I'm a big fan of the Madeline Moves app- new workouts every week that hit all the major muscle groups and is easy to incorporate along with running.


Which came first for you, your love of running or your love of strength training?

-Oh gosh, I have such a big love and respect for running and strength training!! I'd have to say running came first though- I ran track in middle school and have run on and off since then! I wouldn't say I always loved it- I wanted to be fast and equated that with being "better" somehow. I was always placed in long distance and now I pride myself on being steady and able to stay the distance! Funny how perspectives change over time!


Any tips for runners that would like to add strength training? Do you have go-to exercises you would recommend? 

- My biggest tip for runners who want to start strength training is to keep it simple! The basics will get you there...but for runners, balance work, strengthening your hip flexors and core work would be at the top of my list! Everyone needs a strong core!


Tell us about the "coffee posse" ?

- The coffee posse is just a group of running coffee fanatics from all over! It runs in our veins! I've always done a morning coffee cheers in my stories, but Tarckstreet daddy Jim Burrows started the hashtag!


Do you find balance through running? If so, how?

-Oh yes! Running definitely keeps me sane and balanced, especially mentally. I'm able to process so many thoughts and emotions on a good long run- the good, the bad and the ugly. In turn that allows me to be present and focused in all other areas of my life. Such a blessing to have running as an outlet!


Tell us something the Instagram running community may not know about you?

-FUN FACT! My nickname is 711! I was born on 7/11 and weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. At birth


Favorite Alter Ego Running product and why?

- My favorite Alter Ego gear is definitely  the hats! Haven't washed your hair all week? Hat. Didn't sleep well and have the eye bags to prove it? Hat!