Finding Motivation and Qualifying for Boston; An Interview with Cylas Langdon (@cylas)



Name: Cylas Langdon

Instagram Handle: @cylas

Day Job: Registered Nurse - I work in Women’s Health and Surgery



Running goals for 2020? Are you more concerned with speed or distance? 

CYLAS: A BQ - I started training with Heather McKirdy is summer 2019 and I’m hoping to hit my goal in the Houston full marathon in January! 


After that? I’m definitely looking forward to running for fun a bit more, while continuing to whittle away at my paces in all race distances. I don’t have my sights on any Ultras...yet...but I’m not saying I won’t! Haha!




How long have you been running for?

CYLAS: I started running track in junior high, but hated it & dropped out in 10th grade! I picked running back up in college when I needed the mental clarity and also wanted to lose a few pounds I’d put on eating fast food and hanging out at the bars too often! 




Where do you find the motivation to continue to run?

CYLAS: My motivation is ALL mental... I know that if I run, I feel better... I’m calmer, I’m happier, it truly makes me a healthier, more balanced woman! 




Do you find balance through running? If so, how?

CYLAS: Oh totally - I just said that before I read ahead! Haha! Running has taught me so much in regards to balance for my mental health, for my physical fitness, for everyday persistence to achieve goals, and most importantly — it’s taught me that I can do ANYTHING I truly set my mind to. 




[Since the original questions above, Cylas's interview was continued with some follow up questions post marathon - below]


You qualified for Boston! How did it feel crossing the finish?

CYLAS: Absolutely surreal. I was happy, emotional, & SHOCKED. It was something I wanted so badly, but never thought I’d achieve.


How confident were you going into the race that you would qualify? Why or why not?

CYLAS: I was nervous & not confident in my ability to reach that goal. I was never the “athletic girl” in school, I was always just the smart one. So even when Heather McKirdy (my coach) would tell me my workouts proved I was capable of this, I didn’t actually believe her! Haha it was like “I hope I can do this” but “I don’t actually think I can”.


What would you say was the biggest factor in making this (fast) time happen?

CYLAS: Training with Heather, for sure. Without her I would’ve never grown as a runner (physically and mentally) like I have. The other huge determinant was having my training partner, Kasey Coggin, there on race day. We had run almost every easy day and workout together since May & the strength and accountability we give each other is amazing.