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From 5k to a 12-Hour Ultra; An Interview with Bryan Beckering (@bbeckering)



Name: Bryan Beckering

Instagram Handle: @bbeckering

Day Job: Architect


AER: You are doing something kinda crazy in a few months - a 12 hour ultra road run. Which race is this and why did you decide to do a timed versus distance?
Bryan: Yes, I have signed up for my third ultra. I am running The Endurance Trials in Festus, Missouri, which is only 20 minutes from my house and is put on by my local running club. Two years ago, I ran the 6 hour at this event as my first ultra, which I completed just under 32 miles with about 1 minute to spare. My favorite thing about this race and timed events is the atmosphere, it is just a bunch of friends hanging out and running laps around a park. So come March 7th, you will find me running 3/4 mile loops around a park for hours and hours.
Is there anything you are hoping to learn about yourself running long distances?
Bryan: How strong physically and mentally I become. The further distances have taught me mentally how to keep pushing through to help me build my physical strength.
You have some impressive race totals (9 marathons and 27 halfs)! Tell us your favorite distance/race and why.
Bryan: That is just crazy to read, considering when my wife and I started running in 2014, we had a goal of a 5k or two. A half marathon is my favorite, but as a Galloway runner, run/walk intervals, changing up my intervals allows me to conquer a variety of distances.
Do you find balance through running? If so, how?
Bryan: Yes, it helps relax me when I am stressed, it also helps get my day started after my morning runs. 
Tell us something that the Instagram world doesn't know about you.
Bryan: It was said once in my Instagram Story. All I will say here is, I am very busy on Saturdays in the fall because I am on a field wearing stripes.
Favorite Alter Ego product?
Bryan: I was going to say hats, but then I got a hoodie. The hoodies are so soft and warm, I may have to  a couple more.

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