Running my First Half Marathon on my 30th Birthday; An Interview with Autumn (@autumn.does.stuff)





Name: Autumn 

Instagram Handle: autumn.does.stuff

Day Job:  Radiation Oncology Residency Program Administrator 




AER: Sooooooo, spill the beans.... first half marathon, how was it? Where was it? Was it everything you expected? 

AUTUMN: My first half marathon was INCREDIBLE! I ran the Markel Richmond Half Marathon in Richmond, VA. It was so much more than I could even imagine. They say it is the "friendliest" and I can't say that they are wrong! I picked this race as my first because my mom grew up in Richmond and a lot of my family still lives there and when I saw it was on my 30th birthday I knew it was the one! Crazy how things work out like that! The nostalgia was strong with this one and I cried tears of joy the entire last mile!



AER: How was the birthday party celebration afterwards?

AUTUMN: The birthday party celebration afterwards was even more special because of the race! We grabbed some burgers with instagram friends turned real life friends and then dinner and wine with my brother and my sister in law (who also ran her first half!) to celebrate! It was the best day and the best birthday a girl could ask for!!!!



AER: Tips to anyone on the fence if they should run a half or not?

AUTUMN: I would say just do it! Train smart and the hard work will pay off. I am so incredibly proud of myself for working so hard and crossing that finish line. It is really amazing what you learn about yourself during training. 



AER: Do you find balance through running? If so, how?

AUTUMN: I 100% find balance through running. It is a stress reliever, it brings me joy, it has taught me patience and so much more. Bad day? Go for a run. Good day? Go for a run. Taking rest days in running has taught me that sometimes you need to take rest days in life too! 



AER: Favorite race?

AUTUMN: Hands down the Richmond Half! That was such a special race for me for many reasons so I have a feeling it will always be up there in the top spot. 



AER: Share with us something that instagram may not know about you?

AUTUMN: I don't really know how to ride a bike! I didn't even learn until I was about 26 and haven't really put much effort into it since then. I grew up on a farm and was way more interested in riding my pony than a bike. So don't look for me doing any triathlons anytime soon! 



AER: Favorite Alter Ego product?

AUTUMN: How in the world can I pick just one product?! I seriously love everything but I am obsessed with Alter Ego hats. I wear one almost every single run and even when I am not running!