Alter Ego Running Ambassador Team



Thank you so much for your interest in our Alter Ego Running Team! 

The long awaited Alter Ego Running ambassadorship is finally here and available to you!

When we think through what Alter Ego Running has meant to us the last few years, it has simply been amazing to connect with so many runners and more importantly, great people. You have opened up your hearts to us through your running stories, some heart breaking and some triumphant, you have supported us every step of the way, growing us in a way we never thought possible. In the process, Alter Ego Running has gained some of the most supportive and passionate running fans on the planet. For all of this, we are extremely grateful to YOU!

That's why we are making this ambassadorship extra special!


BENEFITS (what you gon' get)

  • Our brand new patch hat (5 panel) The coolest ambassador hat on the planet - it's the gift that keeps on giving. Once accepted into our program, you will receive our brand spanking new, one of a kind, Alter Ego Running patch hat! Once our patch shop opens, you will have dozens (literally) of options to customize your new hat!
  • Personalized Discount Code for you and your family / friends / whoever you want to share it with to be used on any product (including sale items)
  • Exclusive Access to New Products before being released to the public
  • Featured Posts of you and your run life featured on the @Alter_Ego_Running Instagram account
  • Build Relationships with other passionate runners 
  • Show Off your Alter Ego Running Status on your Social Media profile(s)
  • Bragging Rights to be a part of the Alter Ego Running Family 
  • AND plenty of other goodies throughout the year!


REQUIREMENTS (we just need a little TLC)

  • Add "@alter_ego_running team" to your profile (profile must be set to public)
  • If you are selected, share a post of the Alter Ego Running ambassador graphic (we will provide this through email)
  • Spread the word with your personalized 20% coupon (add to profile)
  • Share our posts when you see something you like or we're running sales/stories
  • Speak and represent the brand positively - spread those good vibes!
  • Honest and helpful feedback on our products - help us to continue to create the best products we can and navigate through the growing process!
 *All rights reserved and subject to change without notice